Sample Cover Letters
Letter of Recommendation for Administrative Jobs

Letter of recommendation for administrative jobs is an official document which is positive by definition and serves the purpose of setting forth the candidate’s pertinent qualities and skills. A letter of recommendation can be negative as well. It all depends on how you consider the candidate as a professional and what are your views on it. At times, the personality of the candidate also comes into the picture, but generally, the performance, professionalism and conduct of the candidate related to his/her job is reviewed by the recommender.

Writing a good recommendation cover letter can be hard to come by. May be that’s the reason why many people sometimes refuse to write one. Requests given at the eleventh hour may always not be entertained; though most of us will do everything we can to nudge one. But no amount of time will enable us to write a good letter for someone we are not familiar with.

It takes time to know about the characteristics, professional attitude and demeanor of the candidate and put down your views on the recommendation cover letter. Of course many critical things about a candidate can be discovered by reading the resume, but that may just not be the adequate information.

Here is an excellent example of letter of recommendation for administrative jobs. You can use it as a reference guide while drafting a recommendation letter.

The HR Manager
Optimums Private Limited
Ernest B. Tew
3378 Chandler Drive
Seligman, MO 65745

The Administrative Manager
Dolton Media Incorporation
Barry J. Pless
4086 Hidden Pond Road
Nashville, TN 37214
(615)-761 1850
Email address:

Date: January 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Ernest B. Tew,

I am writing this letter to you as I would like to recommend Tina W. Atkinson for the position of a Senior Administrative Clerk in your organization.

During her tenure at Dolton Media Incorporation, she was working as a Clerk in the administration department under my supervision. She is a devoted employee and understands the responsibilities of an Administrative Clerk. Her duties were not restricted only to clerical work, but she was also involved in storing, retrieving and distributing data to the staff members and the clients. She was recently awarded as the best employee for the year 2011. Moreover, she possesses good communication and interpersonal skills. She is quite punctual, proficient and disciplined in her work. Taking into consideration her outstanding performance at work, we decided to promote her from an Executive to an Administrative Clerk.

I believe that you will consider my request and appoint Tina W. Atkinson as a Senior Administrative Clerk in your organization. I can confidently say that she will be an excellent employee and take your organization to a higher level. Along with this letter, I have enclosed a copy of the best employee award received by her.

Yours sincerely,


Barry J. Pless

With letter of recommendation for administrative jobs you can make the most important contribution to the candidate’s career by drafting an exceptional recommendation letter.