Sample Cover Letters
Letter of Recommendation [Negative]

Letter of recommendation [Negative] for advertising jobs is a letter generally written by a past employer for a particular employee who is found to be an average or poor performer or has ended his/her tenure in the organization on bad remarks. It can also be drafted for an employee who has maintained an unprofessional and unethical behavior throughout this employment period in the organization. Positive letter of recommendation are written for those candidates who have a good track record and have been professional in their work, behavior and outlook.


As an employer you will need to draft a recommendation letter for your employee at any point of time in your life. You got to be prepared to write one as and when the situation demands. Recommendation letters are usually written to describe the strength and weaknesses of the employee. In this letter, the employer evaluates on the skills, performance, attitude towards work, and the personality of the employee. A recommendation letter that falls short of these points does not provide much help to the recruiter in evaluating that candidate.

The employer has to take precautionary measures while writing the negative recommendation cover letter. Avoid using phony or fake information about the candidate. Maintain a professional and a polite tone throughout the letter. The intention should not be to take vengeance or any personal grudges on the employee.


Refer to this sample cover letter of letter of recommendation [Negative] for advertising jobsfor your reference.


David M. Lowe
The Hiring Manager
Grand Advertising Limited
3921 Clinton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Date: February 2, 2012                                                                           
Russell B. Davidson
TMO Advertising Limited
392 Alfred Drive
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (718) 216 9958
Email Address:

Dear Mr. Lowe,

This is to inform you that Chester M. Davies was an employed in Grand Advertising Limited as a Media Executive from December 21, 2010 to January 23, 2012. He was responsible for documenting press releases, project case revisions, development of internet contents, and media associations. He was not up to the mark in terms of his work and performance.

He was able to complete the work assigned to him, but the quality of the work was satisfactory and sometimes even below average. Most of his assignments were not submitted within the stipulated time. In spite of putting him into training and other employee improvement programs, he did not show any sign of improvement or progress in his work. He also turned a deaf ear to the feedback and advices that were given by his superiors.

I believe that Chester has the potential to be a good executive, but repugnance and pride not to accept suggestions and opinions hold him from being so. I would not recommend Chester M. Davies for any executive work related to advertising media.


Russell B. Davidson

While composing a letter of recommendation [Negative] for advertising jobs, take heed that you only mention the professional downside or shortcomings of the person without getting into his/her personal life.