Sample Cover Letters
Construction Foreman Cover Letter

Construction foreman cover letter for civil construction jobs stimulates the reader’s attention to go through your entire application, which ultimately causes you to be considered for the job. Your covering letter is the first conversation ever with your employer. Hence, it is necessary that your cover letter has to be efficiently drafted so as to create a good first impression on your employer.

A construction foreman is responsible for screening the working of the construction crew to make sure that the job is being performed proficiently according to plan. He is also responsible for assigning duties to the employees appropriately as per their skills and abilities and providing them with necessary gears and equipments for better output. The foreman needs to assess an easiest way that is within the company’s budget to do the task at the same time maintain the work quality. He also collects final payments of the contract as and when required.

Your cover letter should clearly state the position you are applying for and how you were educated about the job opening. Mention the name of the addressee and avoid using universal salutations. Almost all job advertisements mention the name of the contact person. You can make use of this name or else you can simply call up the reception for the same.

Highlight your most pertinent abilities, skill, expertise, educational qualifications, experiences that will convince the reader of your apt candidature. You can also include your job responsibilities you had in your previous organizations, which will give a brief idea about your familiarity and acquaintance with the job.                                                          

This is an example of construction foreman cover letter for civil construction jobs for your own reference.


Vernon D. Luis
Hiring Manager
GHJ Constructions
1177 Woodstock Drive
Rosemead, CA 91770

Date: March 22, 2012


Donald D. Durden
2774 Powder House Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33410
(561) 719 7257

Dear Mr. Luis,

I would like to apply for the position of Construction foreman in your esteemed organization. I discovered about this opening through an employment website last week.

I have completed a high school diploma in civil construction engineering from New Hampshire University. I have ten years of experience in the construction industry, which has made me more efficient than before. I also possess good time management skills. I like facing obstacles and challenges and capable of handling them competently. I can easily get adapted to changing situations. I believe that my vast experience and qualification in this industry will help your organization to earn good revenue and benefits.

It would be great if you arrange an interview for me. You can contact me anytime using the contact details given above. Thank you for your time and going through my application.


Donald D. Durden

While constructing your construction foreman cover letter for civil construction jobs, avoid overcrowding your resume cover letter with too much of information. Make it as simple and short as possible to put the best effect on the employer.